Submit Data

It is recommended that you check your data for errors prior to submittal using the CalDUCS Online Data Checker (see Upload and Error Review).  It is also the responsibility of the data generator to verify that all data submitted to the MPSL-MLML Data Center are correct including association to projects, values of the results, and any associated qualifiers.  Once the completed template is checked through the CalDUCS Online Data Checker, your data can be submitted by visiting the Send Notification page where you can then send notification that the data are ready to be submitted to the MPSL-MLML Data Center.  Data may be submitted even if errors are reported by the online data checker.  The MPSL-MLML Data Center will review data as it is received and will follow up with the data generator regarding any significant errors and/or questions regarding the submitted data.

After your data has been loaded to the database by the MPSL-MLML Data Center you may perform a data review using the MPSL-MLML Online Data Management System.