Mission Statement

Increase understanding of environmental contaminates transport, cycling, and fate to better inform remediation policies aimed at alleviating contaminate pollution.

MPSL-DFW is a group of scientists dedicated to studying environmental contaminates movement through the environment. We focus on trace metals chemistry including mercury but are also interested in pesticides and other organic toxins.

Our group is comprised of three departments: field collections, analytical laboratory, and research. Our field crews have the capacity to collect water, sediment, and tissue samples in fresh, estuarine, or salt water environments. Our analytical laboratory is equipped for trace metals and mercury (organic and inorganic) analysis in water, tissues and sediments. In addition, our laboratory is capable of various other measurements such as suspended solids concentrations and chlorophyll. Our current research is focused on reducing mercury loads from wetlands.  A list of publications and collaborators are also available.

Please contact Wesley Heim to discuss your project’s needs.